2008 – 2010 in words and illustrations

i actually filled an entire book, which rarely ever happens. it’s 1.5″ thick, quadruled, and very brown on the edges, hahah. the story is about some weird girl living in berkeley trying to find work and life post university. she moves to la after landing a job there. she meets weird lovable characters whilst surviving the streets of hollywood. that’s the jist. lots of laughing, learning, crying.. you know. drama, romance, comedy.. not so action packed, but there are musical numbers…

swooky ghost ep underway

mon and i had a mini photo shoot today for my swooky ghost ep. i wish i could share the photos, because they are just ridiculous, but i have to refrain and wait till everything is finished! same thing goes for the music — it’s all screaming to be shared, haha. but here’s a peep. keep your eyes peeled and your ears to the ground.

new york noise

found this in the morning and i gasped. dance. punk. funk. no wave. and um, treasures. make sure to get the whole thing. there’s a book too that looks really cool — New York Noise: Art and Music from the New York Underground 1978-88. i will most definitely have to check it out.

modern day hero



i performed some of my songs at a coffeehouse/fundraiser this past saturday. it was to benefit a mission team that’s going out to mexico city next month where they’ll be serving victims of human trafficking. super pumped to help with the event. Details »

1994′s artform – buy japanese

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i’m home!

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life goal #061 in progress

this is place is forreal.
i’m having a blast in the desert/piney forests/huge chasm. photos to come. stick around.

theresa andersson

i believe in sweden. i mean.. abba, jens lekman, ikea. and now this amazing woman who doesn’t need anyone to back her up. sweden’s got soul! sick sick. O_O

thanks cerrato <3


styleframes @ Roger

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TBS Rebrand Pitch 03

styleframes @ Roger

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TBS Rebrand Pitch 02

styleframes @ Roger

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TBS Rebrand Pitch 01

styleframes @ Roger

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University of Phoenix

styleframes, illustration @ Roger