R&R cheese show

my little entry for R&R’s cheese show. Details »


miss you, lola aqui.

NIKO 2011

just returned from a week-long wilderness/leadership/missions training program called niko. Details »

The Block/Grit/Thom/The Edge Pitch

logos, design @ Roger

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TV Land Refresh Pitch

design @ Roger

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Comedy Central SP15: The Year of the Fan Campaign

design, custom typography @ Royale

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mkf on pinterest

i’m really loving this image bookmarking website/application that organizes into boards all the lovely images with which i inundate my peepers. thanks olive! (she’s got a massive pinterest.)

anti-mining campaign on tablas island

i designed two posters for an anti-mining campaign on tablas island, the island smack dab in the middle of the philippines. yah, i’m an environmentalist, but even more pressing is that it’s where my parents were born and raised — it’s where i came from. Details »

2011 is a prime number

i hope everyone had a wonderful christmas and holiday season. here’s to a fresh new year! ok.. now back to work. Details »

Teletoons Rebrand Pitch

pitch styleframes @ Roger

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Starz promo

design, illustration, custom typography @ Roger

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ABC Cougar Town

concepting, design @ Roger

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2010 christmas card

my charity: water

the mkf is turning another year in a couple days. HOLY MOLY! i don’t usually promote my birthday, but this year, katherine (another dec 17 babe) and i are giving it up — instead of asking for gifts, we’re asking for you to give anything to help build freshwater wells in developing nations, which is like giving a world of opportunities to so many people in need.

go to http://mycharitywater.org/Kat_MK

a very maria kristie merry christmas

oh shnop. it’s december 1 and i’ve compiled a mix of my favorites this year for you to listen. most people complain about the lack of good christmas music out there, but stop listening to the radio and do some digging, you jaded hater. Details »