2009 christmas card

custom type, illustration

another roger talent show

illustration, design

fabulous beekman boys

i didn’t design or direct this one. i’m not dancing in inappropriate farming attire, nor am i the llama. but roger sent me to the recording studio to do vocals for the pitch, and after we were awarded the project, they sent me back to record the final track. exciting! great work, mikeg.

The Fabulous Beekman Boys from mike goubeaux on Vimeo.

she’s a little racer

did a little side project for a handsome friend of mine in queens who’s in a band called little racer. i’m super excited for the musical stuff they’ve got prepared for america and the world wide webs. try ‘em out. there’s a fancy little calypso break in ‘split for the coast’ that always makes me happy, haha.


platypus + me


paper dress

paper dress construction by mkf
photos by tj morales

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cassavettes show posters

did a bunch of show posters for cassavettes back in boston. good guys with that texan flavor.

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commemorative asl stamps

illustration, design @ Northeastern University

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never love a square

concept, design, animation

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2008 reel

first reel. super fresh out of the design department at northeastern.