michael + kristie union


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Kam + Bethel


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rom 12 2

merry christmas — 2011 edition

so happy to present this years christmas mix, hand-picked by none other than the mike of my dreams, haha. Details »

youth cattle

here’s a promotional poster i did for the boys of youth cattle in orange county. if you come out this friday, i’ll be the one scatting all the lead guitar parts.

via veritas vita

a typographic postcard about everything.


it’s that simple!

the ever lovely sarah bocket of bocket store fame asked me to compose a score for her silent film ‘it’s that simple!’ featuring her hand-dotted thrift store bowls that are touring at craft fairs across the country. Details »

R&R cheese show

my little entry for R&R’s cheese show. Details »


miss you, lola aqui.

anti-mining campaign on tablas island

i designed two posters for an anti-mining campaign on tablas island, the island smack dab in the middle of the philippines. yah, i’m an environmentalist, but even more pressing is that it’s where my parents were born and raised — it’s where i came from. Details »

2010 christmas card


as promised, it’s here. go listen!

bicycle adventures ahead

my bum is in pain. s’okee.

Roger Rooftop Party Invite

design @ Roger Details »


concepting, illustration, animation