mayer hawthorne @ the getty center

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‘Our hope is that creatives from around the globe will make a logo or a visual interpretation of the city closest to their heart. The universal goal is that every city ultimately gets their own identity on CitID

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heart of the country

big crush on paul mccartney. photos of paul on the farm in scotland. i recommend listening to ‘ram’ whilst browsing. Details »

giving up on love

been listening to this duo, slow club, along with harlem and sleigh bells. keep it wiggly, everyone.

mkf stats in 30 days

if you don’t already know, i write my own songs. Details »

i live in a graveyard

so i’m listening to KALX berkeley (yes, i left a piece of my heart in the bay area) and the dj just listed a bunch of ghost/zombie/dead things projects that are out. hm. i am working on a swooky ghost ep these days, too. that concerns me. is this some trendy thing? it’s that gall dang collective consciousness that’s out there, i think. whatever. i’ve always liked ghosts. I’M MAKIN’ THAT EP DARNIT.

3 dead celebrities. 1 guatemalan sinkhole.

.gary coleman
.dennis hopper
.louise bourgeois

silly heart

“oh hey.. he lined up the angles of the type.. HEARTS IN MY EYES, THAT’S SO HOT.”

a picture a day 2007

i took a picture every day i came into work in 2007 at a small design studio wojciechowski design where i interned for a semester – posted the pictures on facebook. anywho, just took a screencap of them all and i doodled a bit of commentary on top. like when i came back from LA for the first time. and me eating pretzel sticks.. my faves.

i am offended. and kinda amused.

but mostly offended.

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fabulous beekman boys

i didn’t design or direct this one. i’m not dancing in inappropriate farming attire, nor am i the llama. but roger sent me to the recording studio to do vocals for the pitch, and after we were awarded the project, they sent me back to record the final track. exciting! great work, mikeg.

The Fabulous Beekman Boys from mike goubeaux on Vimeo.

she’s a little racer

did a little side project for a handsome friend of mine in queens who’s in a band called little racer. i’m super excited for the musical stuff they’ve got prepared for america and the world wide webs. try ‘em out. there’s a fancy little calypso break in ‘split for the coast’ that always makes me happy, haha.