a very maria kristie merry christmas

oh shnop. it’s december 1 and i’ve compiled a mix of my favorites this year for you to listen. most people complain about the lack of good christmas music out there, but stop listening to the radio and do some digging, you jaded hater. Details »

roger presents the short stack

helped the folks at roger promote their short film festival entitled ‘the short stack.’ hand-written stuff for the invite as well as the scribbly film credits. it hurt to hold a pen for a while, haha.

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don’t you hate it when sweet boys die and become spooky?

aaand there’s another one! thanks, ballo! the day before, the sadpanda so kindly reviewed my swooky album, too. you can read it here! hot dog, i’m gettin’ famous (in that quiet sorta way).

British Style Genius

British Style Genius: The Street Look from Zalvar

teddy boys, mods, skinheads.. so cool and informative.

autumn dayze

colorado mountain jam

just got back home from an epic get-to-know-colorado trip with bocket. we hit 9 national parks, utah and colorado parks combined. i tried to pick up a respective vintage wpa postcard from each park. actually, picked up multiples of each, hahah, they’re that gorgeous (and i wanted to send them out to people, too, as seen here). Details »

it’s haunted


september is here.

mkf gets legit press

i am completely blown away right now. i woke up from a nap. checked my bandcamp stats and noticed a crazy spike in the amount of plays. someone had embedded a track on their site and followed it to an extensive review of my music up on bandcamp. it is so ridiculously surreal for me considering i’m doing nothing to try to be found. (thanks heaps, sad panda!) so i just made a facebook page for myself and have decided to go in half full swing with this, hah.

here’s the link.

there is no command+z in real life.

i’ve been doing some hand written type this afternoon at work, pen straight to paper.. and after making a mistake, i reached for the keyboard to make the ‘undo’ keystroke. but. yeah. that didn’t work. Details »

google buzz songs by ish nazmi

this morning i got a swooky ghost submission from ish in the good ‘ole inbox. but in addition to that goodness, he wrote and recorded two songs using my google buzz posts. wow. hahah. Details »


haha, badda bing. embrace it. heaps. i also think i want to buy this car. to up my hipster cred.

cloud control please!

cloud control is definitely one of my favorite bands this summer. posted about them a while ago. but forreals now.. get their album. swish it around good in your mouth. they need to come to the US. one more video behind the cut.

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bicycle adventures ahead

my bum is in pain. s’okee.

the bocket store!

sarah bocket, a really talented friend of mine, made her craft fair debut last week at renegade la, and it was such a treat to see a stash of her amazing hand-painted pieces in the bocket booth. basically, she finds wooden objects at thrift stores and paints on them. simple concept, sure. but when you see these guys in person, wow is the only thing you can say.

make sure to check out the bocket store on etsy.

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