for those who do not know, i got engaged last summer (and got married in march). i was so stoked i counted down the days by doodling numbers. didn’t last too long because of work and wedding planning, but this is as far as i got!

Details »

punch me in the face. i need to draw more.

this happens at work sometimes.

merry christmas — 2011 edition

so happy to present this years christmas mix, hand-picked by none other than the mike of my dreams, haha. Details »

youth cattle

here’s a promotional poster i did for the boys of youth cattle in orange county. if you come out this friday, i’ll be the one scatting all the lead guitar parts.

happy thanksgiving!

cuz you know.. it’s three hours ahead.

it’s that simple!

the ever lovely sarah bocket of bocket store fame asked me to compose a score for her silent film ‘it’s that simple!’ featuring her hand-dotted thrift store bowls that are touring at craft fairs across the country. Details »

cypress valley high

i am incredibly stoked for this.

mkf learns mandarin

i felt compelled to learn a few phrases in mandarin for my upcoming trip to china. and since i’m going with a bunch of people i thought it would be helpful to make videos that will 1.) encourage them to learn and 2.) entertain. just finished my last video of the series, which has to be the best one ever, and here they all are in one place for you to enjoy! Details »

jonathan hyde’s the color of love

monsieur jonathan hyde approached me to help him out with a type treatment for the end frame of his newest short piece, ‘the color of love,’ based on a poem by federico garcia lorca. check out this little ditty.

blast from the past: masato nakada

ran into university-mate, masato nakada, on the street randomly after work today, and it was surreal seeing someone i would associate with school and boston in a los angeles setting. check out his website. he recently graduated from calarts and has some beautiful work to show for it.

NIKO 2011

just returned from a week-long wilderness/leadership/missions training program called niko. Details »

mkf on pinterest

i’m really loving this image bookmarking website/application that organizes into boards all the lovely images with which i inundate my peepers. thanks olive! (she’s got a massive pinterest.)

2011 is a prime number

i hope everyone had a wonderful christmas and holiday season. here’s to a fresh new year! ok.. now back to work. Details »

my charity: water

the mkf is turning another year in a couple days. HOLY MOLY! i don’t usually promote my birthday, but this year, katherine (another dec 17 babe) and i are giving it up — instead of asking for gifts, we’re asking for you to give anything to help build freshwater wells in developing nations, which is like giving a world of opportunities to so many people in need.

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