i performed some of my songs at a coffeehouse/fundraiser this past saturday. it was to benefit a mission team that’s going out to mexico city next month where they’ll be serving victims of human trafficking. super pumped to help with the event.

at the event, they were giving out copies of the 2009 trafficking in persons report, which is the official government issued report (a letter from hillary clinton and everything!) about human trafficking all over the world and each country’s initiatives to try to stop and prevent it. it’s such a thick, extensive book for something that virtually goes unnoticed, at least in the united states. it’s proof that slavery is still around and greed is super rampant. my heart really goes out to the victims, and i am really glad that there are mission teams heading out to try and serve these broken people. let’s support the effort and pray for healing and justice.

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michael + kristie union


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Cypress Valley High 3011


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Mobile Roadie


Roger worked with Mobile Roadie to create this anthemic piece showcasing the capabilities of their customizable app builder for businesses all over the world. i helped develop the various interfaces and graphics featured in each app including some original t-shirt designs.

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HGTV Upfronts pitch


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AMC Mob Week 2012


had heaps fun working with roger on the promo package for Mob Week and catching up on some classic mobster films in the process!

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for those who do not know, i got engaged last summer (and got married in march). i was so stoked i counted down the days by doodling numbers. didn’t last too long because of work and wedding planning, but this is as far as i got!

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punch me in the face. i need to draw more.

Kam + Bethel


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TruTV The Weiner’s Circle



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rom 12 2

Nick Big Time Rushers Sweepstakes

styleframes @ roger

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2012 Rock And Roll Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony

style frames and logo design @ syndrome studio

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VISA Magellan

information design @ Solid LA

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MTV ‘It Gets Better’

styleframes @ Roger

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