mkf stats in 30 days

if you don’t already know, i write my own songs. i posted the songs i wrote this year on bandcamp, which is a great little website for  musicians who just want to get/sell their music on the internets without the mess. they also have a really neat interface on the backend that shows the artist the stats for the songs they put up. liiike — which songs get the most plays, get skipped, get listened to half way through, etc. really helpful!

so the stats are in for the first month.. top 5 songs

my weirdos song is a hit <3
your fool had the most plays, but people skipped that one a lot for some reason.


now for the plug!
mkf on bandcamp

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  1. J says:

    Pretty amazing stuff. You’ve come a long way since Happiness Is A Warm Laptop.

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